For centuries the leasure life of Dubrovnik nobility took place in summer residences of Rijeka Dubrovacka, situated close to the sea, in beautiful surroundings which gave joy to the eye and great pleasure to the body and mind.

The house of Gradi (also Gradic) was one of the oldest and one of the most recognized among the patrician families of the Republic of Dubrovnik.

Today, with its modern facilities, it offers a complete leasure experience to a family and their friends with its magical grounds, open and covered terraces, picturesque gardens and background sounds of birdsong and the sea lapping against the shore, accompanied by the scent of basil and lavander. In Villa Gradi you will experience history in vivo and feel like part of an old story which has lasted for five centuries.

Some famous nobles of the House of Gradi were:

Bazilije Gradic, bishop in Ston, author of the religious book from 1567, Libarze od dievstva, printed in Venice;

Pera Gradić (1688-1771), Benedictine dramatist who took name Benedikta when she entered the st. Marymonasteryin Dubrovnik.

Stjepan Gradic, (1613-1683),  philosopher and diplomat in Rome titled Pater Patriae.

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